These beautiful full day retreats start with a morning 75 min Slow Vinyasa Yoga Class to reset, recharge & open the body. After yoga we will begin a deep spiritual healing process into Universal Body Wisdom, where we sit in a circle and open up to the sacred flow of Life Force Energy. These groups are different every time we come together, depending on who attends, what is shared and where the energy takes us. There is such power and strength gained from vulnerability and taking responsibility for our own healing journey and I am always so touched to be able to facilitate this for people. I have literally seen miracles take place in peoples lives after this work. 

All welcome, it will feel like coming home. 

  • Deepen your understanding of energy
  • Heal trauma & conditioned behaviour 
  • Advance beyond your limitations
  • Expand consciousness & 
  • Align with Universal Intelligence
  • Move into great love for self and others. 

Bookings & inquiries to : cathy@universalbodywisdom.com 

Investment €90 (a non refundable €20 booking deposit is required, remainder can be paid on arrival.)


There are currently no events.


 "For us it was such a deep experience and you changed a lot for us. Thank you so much Cathy, you took away a lot of pain and anger in me and it really did not come back!!" After a session at The Sanctuary Thailand

Gemma Wilson 



I consider myself super super lucky to have found Cathy weeks before I left Ireland & had the blessing to attend 3 TCM workshops & 1 private session with Cathy. I remembered today how much it has truly helped me heal in so many ways with things I was struggling with before I left on my journey & I feel as though I would love to be there again to go even deeper. 




Thank you for this wonderful and highly insightful summary of your experience of TCM Cathy. It was a privilege meeting you at the workshop in Ireland. What a truly amazing group that was. I very much hope our paths meet again as I'm sure there is much you can teach me. ...Count me in as one who can now only "live bravely form the heart"