I have been immersed in the exploration of consciousness and healing from a young age, I suppose I have always been a seeker and a ardent student of spirituality in all its traditions.

The quest to understand what life is really about has been a burning passion since I was little. Some of us come into the world like this, with a thirst for knowledge and a curious mind, if you’re reading this that’s probably you too!

I haven’t really dabbled too much, rather I found classical yoga and meditation and jumped in deeply from the start.  At that time, the 1990’s,  there was no industry of yoga, wellness or even spirituality , just a few of us hobos, searching for good books, roaming around India and other remote places trying to find and learn from those that were the wisdom keepers of our time.

After years of marinating in the traditional teachings of yoga and its fascinating techniques that offer direct maps to the deeper realms of the psyche and states of awareness, I found a real master to work with. Like most spiritual masters, he was not famous, it was never his gaol as he understood the true nature of reality. He was outspoken, committed to the truth above all else, and he taught me about Self Mastery, Universal Love and how the intelligence of the Universe, which pervades all things, really works.

After some time, the same gift in my teacher began to open up in me and I became acutely aware of the wisdom of the body in myself and others. I became able to tune into other peoples bodies and “see” through feeling what they were holding there, and then together with the Intelligence of the Universe, work with that energy to transform the body and mind on a very deep level.

We are all born into unique energy fields, our country of origin, our religious cultures, our family dynamics and so on; these fields of energy create deep imprints in our cellular memory and we then begin to develop a personalty around these imprints. Many of these imprints, if we are blessed and fortunate, nurture us & teach us about love, but many separate us from our sense of self trust and knowing, creating trauma and deep imprints of fear that we often carry in the soul for life times. We also carry unconscious imprints of our ancestors that have not been healed or resolved and at some point in our development as evolving human beings we will be called to address these so as not to pass them down to the next generation.

As human beings, we are sensitive and often sponge like to the energy and environment  around us, especially as children before we have devised protect devices inside of our self to cope. If we have grown up in situations where we felt the need to protect ourselves, we quickly adapt to that and become numb and unconscious in order to survive it. However, later down the line this survival mechanism will catch up with us and create more damage than good if we do not heal it within ourselves.

When I work with people in groups or one to one, or with those in relationship, I will always advocate emotional responsibility. By this I mean that we take ownership of all our own reactions, emotions and feelings in order to evolve as people and expand our consciousness, this is a profound and powerful individual under-taking.

None of us are victims of life, and while its true that dreadful and painful things can happen to a person for no understandable reason, we always have the choice as to weather we define ourselves by this or use it to grow & expand with. It takes tremendous spiritual power not to blame and point the finger at another or even at the past and yet it is this perspective that can lift a person who has been wounded into, liberation, Self Mastery and to the highest realisation of Love in the Universe.

During sessions of Universal Body Work™ you will often feel tingling sensations within your body as old holding patterns begin to let go. You may feel old hurts and pain surface in the moments before they are about to transform and release. Over time you will learn the Art of Observer Consciousness, how to have greater emotional intelligence, how to take responsibility for yourself on all levels and how to express yourself in powerful and creative ways.

It is my personal experience that working with Universal Body Work brings us into a higher meditative state of being in our daily lives. We may still have everyday stresses and challenges but our perspective becomes much clearer. The mind becomes more easily able to navigate these challenges when we are connected in a tangible way to the Life Force Energy that resides in the centre of our being.

Lets work together to create a reality of love and empowerment for ourselves and each other. We are Karma Burners, here to build a better world for all.

If you wish to work with Cathy either privately in person or by Skype anywhere in the world , reach out now and say hello! All sessions are in total confidence. 


 "For us it was such a deep experience and you changed a lot for us. Thank you so much Cathy, you took away a lot of pain and anger in me and it really did not come back!!" After a session at The Sanctuary Thailand

Gemma Wilson 



I consider myself super super lucky to have found Cathy weeks before I left Ireland & had the blessing to attend 3 TCM workshops & 1 private session with Cathy. I remembered today how much it has truly helped me heal in so many ways with things I was struggling with before I left on my journey & I feel as though I would love to be there again to go even deeper. 




Thank you for this wonderful and highly insightful summary of your experience of TCM Cathy. It was a privilege meeting you at the workshop in Ireland. What a truly amazing group that was. I very much hope our paths meet again as I'm sure there is much you can teach me. ...Count me in as one who can now only "live bravely form the heart"