Universal Body Wisdom Day Retreat


Universal Body Wisdom Day Retreat

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During this workshop will enter you a spiritual process of deep healing and expansion of consciousness. We all inherit ancestral programming and cultural belief systems when we are born. Some of these imprints teach us about connection & love & some do the opposite; keeping us separate from each other & our true nature & desires. You will learn how to deepen your understanding of how to work with energy, the language of the Intelligence of the Universe, that is inherent in all life and creation. Cathy has been offering this healing work for over 10 years professionally & she has embarked on a personal journey of self-purification for over 20 years. In this group dynamic, you will tangibly feel Light or the Intelligence of the Universe, gather insights on how to work with this energy daily for your own spiritual growth and transform many things you have been carrying that are not of the highest vibration of love. Everyone is welcome.

Cathy has been involved in yoga, meditation and the healing arts since 1996. She has been teaching yoga since 2005. Around that same time she became a highly qualified facilitator of Transforming Cellular Memory™, together these two disciplines birthed Universal Body Wisdom™, a process that supports all other practices, from yoga, martial arts, Tantra, healing work and meditation by teaching us how to align with Life Force energy.

Please Note: There will be no Asana class at this event, we will launch straight into the transformational work. Photo Book here

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2020-04-08 @ 13:00
@ 16:00




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