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Cathy's Vinyasa Yoga classes emphasise beautiful, holistic sequencing to open the body to feeling the natural flow of energy, the source of vitality 


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Private Classes & Yoga at Work: Cathy has many private clients and teaches lunch time and after work yoga sessions at various companies throughout Dublin. Get in touch now to arrange for your staff and enhance your work place. .


My retreat with Cathy opened my eyes to a new world inside of me, one I had lost contact with a very long time ago. I went as a pure beginner and didn't know what to expect, I only knew that i needed something to change. Cathy's teachings of Yoga and mediation give me the time and courage to move towards my body instead of constantly running away from it. Each day completing the yoga somehow managed to break down old patterns of my self hate and gently she guided me to re-connect with my beautiful physical self. At times it felt so joyous to be so intimate with my core than I could ever have imagined. All my aches and pains of my RTA dissapeared and years of build-up stress gone. Cathy will never know how the purness of her work touched my soul and helped me to integrate more fully with my body and self. I walk talk now with a smile beaming with pride knowing i have a body too and it is worth taking care of. Thank you Cathy

Orlaigh Mc Kenna

Northern Ireland


I have  had the pleasure of participating in Cathy's Vinyasa yoga classes, workshops and retreats over the past  5 years. Cathy brings her passion and deep wisdom into her teaching. How can I describe the experience in words? A time for reflection, a clear explanation of the energy points in the body - the chakras, the gentle reminder to attend to the breath ...inhaling and exhaling ..ujjuai breathing, the mindful movement into asana, the dynamic and energetic vinyasa flow from one pose to the next, staying with the breath, being in the present, feeling the challenge, becoming aware, finding  peace, building strength, deepening the connection between mind, body and spirit.  All in all,  a truly wonderful experience. Much appreciated. 

Margaret Farren PhD. Dublin


"I have had the joy and privilege to attend Cathy’s yoga classes numerous times in Ireland and in Thailand. I love her way of teaching. Not only my body, but my whole being feels strong, balanced and open afterwords. There is something special about learning yoga with some one who has done a lot of healing and spiritual work. With her loving and strong presence Cathy brings a special energy into the class where you can open and expand. You do your self a favor by attending Cathy’s classes, or even better - doing a longer retreat with her."

Johanna Harmala, owner of Living Forest, Lake Arenal Retreat center,

Costa Rica