About Cathy

Born in Ireland, I have been involved in the healing arts since 1996, I have feet that like to roam the world (barefoot if possible) and I am always in motion creating one thing or another!

When not in motion I can be found in a hammock under a palm tree, sitting still near a Bayan Tree, star gazing or cloud watching happily on the green grass of home. If not doing any of that I will most likely be playing hide & seek with my little boy.

I take my practice seriously and see discipline as a form of self-love. My practice includes but is not limited to Yoga, although for many years it was mostly yoga asana & meditation. My practice has evolved to a place where I do my best to live in a meditative state of being, connected & in observer consciousness as much as my mind will be there and taking care of the wonderful vehicle that carries my consciousness, the body. I have met with many great teachers that have guided & mentored me. I have always looked for teachers that I thought could be a good friends to have, I see now this was great intuitive guidance. Some of the teachers I feel forever grateful to and still work with are Kirsten Berg & Mitchell Gold, Graeme & Leonie Northfield, Randall O’Leary and my spiritual mentor Donald Hanson and my dear friend & Light Worker Ciara Kirby.

Since 2001 I have been in a deep process of spiritual healing & purification, during that time I  qualified as a certified Cellular Healing Therapist. In this process we learn to develop intuitive & psychic skills. We also get to clear the path way for sacred energy to flow through and that is some seriously cool and fascinating stuff as it unlocks old behaviours, thought patterns and raises our level of consciousness in a profound and powerful way! Together, the Cellular Healing and Classical Yoga teachings have given birth to Universal Body Wisdom™

From December to March Cathy can usually be found on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan in Thailand where she teaches classes, offers sessions and often holds retreats in The Sanctuary Thailand. From March to May she is in Bali where she has a schedule of retreats & workshops and teaches yearly at The Bali Spirit Festival.

Cathy is a proponent, supporter and speaker on the following subjects:

  • Yoga during pregnancy
  • Natural Child Birth
  • Conscious Parenting
  • Conscious relationships
  • Healing Trauma & our history
  • Living in a meditative state of being
  • Working Consciously in the work place & the importance of awakened leadership
  • Silent retreats
  • Nature as our teacher
  • Sexual healing
  •  Conscious Sexuality and practice