Hi, I'm Cathy

Thanks for taking the time to visit me at Universal Body Wisdom. I create workshops, classes and teacher trainings in the field of classical and contemporary yoga. I offer spiritual transformational retreats in magnificent places of natural beauty, healing sessions in Universal Body Wisdom and events because I want us all to thrive in this life time.   

I recently founded and directed The Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival in Ireland because I love bringing people together in powerful places around the world. 

After many decades of immersion in consciousness expanding practices, travel and the arts, I have come to understand how to work with Prana, the Life Force Energy, the Intelligence of The Universe…I wish to share this wisdom with you and help you unearth that same joyful incandescence within yourself. 

When Prana and Apana flow together through Sushumna - the central passage of the spine - to the top of the head, the experience of samadhi occurs; the goal of all yogic practice.


I educate others in private & group sessions in Universal Body Wisdom, a life altering process to expand your consciousness and liberate you from false identifications of the mind and disconnection from the body. During sessions of Universal Body Work™ you will often feel tingling sensations within your body as old holding patterns begin to let go. You may feel old hurts and pain surface in the moments before they are about to transform and release for good.

Over time you will learn the Art of Observer Consciousness, how to have greater emotional intelligence, how to take responsibility for yourself on all levels and how to express yourself in powerful and creative ways.


I offer Vinyasa Yoga, a method that syncs the movement of Prana within the breath to rhythmic movement and presence of mind. When we learn to access the deepest layers of the body it leads us to an understanding of the energetic aspects of life and the Universe. For over 15 years now I have taught people of every nationality all over the world, the common thread or theme that emerges is that we are all evolving towards being more human, more honest, more powerful and passionate. I value the importance of slowing down in a fast world and I love to share my explorations in Restorative & Yoga Nidra.

I have been involved in Yoga since 1996 and holds the Experienced Yoga Alliance Accreditation. I offer teacheShors & advanced practitioners short trainings to keep deepening their understanding of yoga.




Yoga Nidra Monday’s at 9pm GMT💫 Later this evening & every Monday I am guiding a journey of healing & conscious relaxation. Each week will vary slightly but the intention remains the same: offering you a place to unwind, integrate & process this current experience that we are all sharing together yet apart these days. Info & booking via me website & link is in my profile (30 min class €7) #deeprest #lettinggo #yoganidra #awakening #selfmastery ... See MoreSee Less

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Cathy Pearson-Universal Body Wisdom is at Beauty Studio Thea/Clanbrassil Street, Dublin 8.
Cathy Pearson-Universal Body Wisdom

Angela Brandt is our winner this week for a treat...File & Polish for Yoga Toes with https://www.facebook.com/beautystudiothea/ If you wish to join for next week raffle here's all you have to do:
1.Book and online yoga class with me this week at www.universalbodywisdom.com NEXT CLASS SUNDAY 10:30am
2. Like Beauty Studio Thea's page, she is Dublin 8
Each week we have a raffle for some lovely goodies with Thea when she reopens so you will look and feel great after this time.
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My new fun therapy! Kangoo boots purchased this week as a gift to myself for sanity! Nothing is going to stop me dancing! What fun this are you doing to keep yourself sane? Please share! #kangooboots #kangoojumps #funtime #dancelove #yogalifestyle #selfmastery #dublinyoga #findyourself ... See MoreSee Less

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Yoga toes need love too. This week’s giveaway is a beautiful post quarantine File & Polish with @studio_thea in Dublin 8. What you need to do:
1.book an online yoga class with me via link in my profile Next up 10:30am Friday
2. Head over to @studio_thea & follow her on Insta or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/beautystudiothea/
3. Each week all my yogis who attended a class will be entered into a raffle to win for yourself or as a gift you can give. If you attend more than one class a week your name will be entered more than once.but remember to head over to @studio_thea & follow #yogapractice #yogagifts #yogalooksgood #feelgood #lookgood #postivevibes #thinkpositive #staypositive
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Missing hugs with friends but this one made up for it! ❤️I can’t hug you but I can tell you I have one more class this week Fri 10:30am before our weekly draw for beautiful pamper (post quarantine) package with @studio_thea 💫 all you to do is follow Thea’s Inta & book via my website for yoga tmw online 🌙we want you looking & feeling really good #competitiontime #yogaonline #yogabeauty www.universalbodywidsom.com ... See MoreSee Less

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Seen those memes going around about how rough we could all look after isolation? 🤣well @studio_thea & I are not going to let that happen to you! Each week when you join my class you will enter a weekly raffle for an amazing & generous beauty package from Thea based in Dublin 8 at Leonard’s Corner. #beauty #lookinggood #lookingandfeelinggood #stayhealthy #healthandwellness ... See MoreSee Less

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Tonight at a cosy blanket near you! 💫Yoga Nidra involves the practice of Conscious Relaxation into a state of psychic sleep🌙for 30mins you can journey with me in this class. Bookings can be made in the link of my profile. We can avoid collecting fear & trauma when we move through our feelings consciously & gently. ❤️#yoganidra #yoganidrateacher #meditation #healing #stayhome #begentle #bekindtoyourself ... See MoreSee Less

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Dear friends....Online streamed Yoga Nidra tonight; the blissful practice of Conscious Relaxation. When we relax deeply, integration & healing can occur. As there is currently the potentiality of mass trauma, let's avoid that & go through this together consciously so when we emerge from this we will be even more whole than before. All welcome, bring anyone no experience of yoga necessary. This is a 30 mins session. €7 pp. All bookings for Zoom session via www.universalbodywisdom.com ... See MoreSee Less

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Friends when you register for my online classes you will receive a “Thank You” email with link here below...please check your junk mail incase you do not have my email in your contact & click on the link circled in Red here attached. You are also welcome to text me via WhatsApp to receive the link if you are having difficulties. +353862663377
Thank you for your patience as we are all adjusting to online life❤️
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The Teddy Bears in our community are out in force to cheer us up, plus 2 new online classes for alleviation of stress, tension & anxiety www.universalbodywisdom.com ... See MoreSee Less

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