Hi, I'm Cathy

Thanks for taking the time to visit me at Universal Body Wisdom. I create workshops, classes and teacher trainings in the field of classical and contemporary yoga. I offer spiritual transformational retreats in magnificent places of natural beauty, healing sessions in Universal Body Wisdom and events because I want us all to thrive in this life time.   

I recently founded and directed The Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival in Ireland because I love bringing people together in powerful places around the world. 

After many decades of immersion in consciousness expanding practices, travel and the arts, I have come to understand how to work with Prana, the Life Force Energy, the Intelligence of The Universe…I wish to share this wisdom with you and help you unearth that same joyful incandescence within yourself. 

When Prana and Apana flow together through Sushumna - the central passage of the spine - to the top of the head, the experience of samadhi occurs; the goal of all yogic practice.


I educate others in private & group sessions in Universal Body Wisdom, a life altering process to expand your consciousness and liberate you from false identifications of the mind and disconnection from the body. During sessions of Universal Body Work™ you will often feel tingling sensations within your body as old holding patterns begin to let go. You may feel old hurts and pain surface in the moments before they are about to transform and release for good.

Over time you will learn the Art of Observer Consciousness, how to have greater emotional intelligence, how to take responsibility for yourself on all levels and how to express yourself in powerful and creative ways.


I offer Vinyasa Yoga, a method that syncs the movement of Prana within the breath to rhythmic movement and presence of mind. When we learn to access the deepest layers of the body it leads us to an understanding of the energetic aspects of life and the Universe. For over 15 years now I have taught people of every nationality all over the world, the common thread or theme that emerges is that we are all evolving towards being more human, more honest, more powerful and passionate. I value the importance of slowing down in a fast world and I love to share my explorations in Restorative & Yoga Nidra.

I have been involved in Yoga since 1996 and holds the Experienced Yoga Alliance Accreditation. I offer teacheShors & advanced practitioners short trainings to keep deepening their understanding of yoga.




My little lockdown family sandwiching me in the sunshine🤗Bank Holiday wkd Yoga will go on-join me virtually tmw at 10:3am for a holistic Vinyasa Practice & 9pm Monday Yoga Nidra to round off the wkd sweetly. Bookings via website link in profile 🙏#yogaweekend #yogapractice #yogaonline ... See MoreSee Less

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Not so many selfies around these days🤗so I thought I’d say hi while by the sea 🌊 Yoga tmw with me at 1pm take your phone to the park & do yoga on the grass🌱#outdooryoga #onlineyoga ... See MoreSee Less

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Now that the shock has passed it seems the personal transformation period has commenced for many. This is a powerful period of spiritual exploration & growth. I am definitely experiencing this in myself, uncomfortable at times but glimmers of new expansions also coming. I am seeing it in nearly all the people I encounter virtually too. How about You? ... See MoreSee Less

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I love exploring the relationship between the boundaries & discipline of practice & the glow & flow of energy “Shakti” within that structure. It’s a real merging of the masculine & feminine aspects of Self....the intention always to drop into the state of Yoga ...union or more simply put connection.
This is an ongoing never ending exploration or journey, one I feel I am just starting even after decades of practice. . #yogainspiration #yogapractice #beginnersmind
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Sunday Service! A holistic Vinyasa sequence & meditation 10:30am We are zooming through these sessions & emerging lighter & brighter. Book via the website link in my bio ⚡️🙏⚡️ #zoomyoga #zoomclasses #yogavinyasa ... See MoreSee Less

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Rise & shine for 10:30am Friday ...(irish time) the no rush morning practice 🤩Booking via my website link in my bio 🙏#onlineyoga #onlineyogaclass ... See MoreSee Less

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Some years back I dreamed of creating an international yoga festival in Ireland💫in beauty, in nature & with the help of all my yoga community I pulled it off last year with almost 200 people practicing, sharing & having fun together in the beautiful Townley Hall. This years festival is sadly cancelled. Thank you to all our supporters for your patience as we navigate this disruptive time🙏 but very shortly we are going to have incredible news to share⚡️we are yogis ⚡️shapeshifters! 💫& we thrive on adaptation & change💫it’s a huge & exciting challenge as we are taking the festival online🌱birthing a new way to connect & learn. Stay tuned & head over to our Instagram page to keep in the loop. 🌱🙏🌱#newbeginnings #adapt #bethechange #yogapractice #yogalifestyle #yogainspiration ... See MoreSee Less

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Monday evening 9pm Irish time Yoga Nidra, a guided journey into psychic sleep states. Nothing to do but lie back & receive some gentle sign posts through the body to a state of conscious relaxation. To book for this evening see my website link in my bio #yoganidra #yoganidrasana #relaxation #yogaforeveryone ... See MoreSee Less

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